Jan 11

Sample Charities

We’re often asked what kind of charities will be eligible for our collective gifts, so we put together a random sampling of charities that would qualify for consideration. In no particular order:

Electronic Frontier Foundation – The Electronic Frontier Foundation is the leading nonprofit organization defending civil liberties in the digital world. Founded in 1990, EFF champions user privacy, free expression, and innovation through impact litigation, policy analysis, grassroots activism, and technology development. We work to ensure that rights and freedoms are enhanced and protected as our use of technology grows.

North Texas Food Bank – The North Texas Food Bank (NTFB) is a top-ranked nonprofit relief organization, providing access to more than 170,000 meals each day for hungry children, seniors and families through a network of more than 1,000 programs and 200 Partner Agencies in our 13-county service area.

Books for Africa – A simple name for an organization with a simple mission. We collect, sort, ship, and distribute books to students of all ages in Africa. Our goal: to end the book famine in Africa.

And Justice For All – We believe access to justice is a fundamental right in our society. “AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” is committed to providing legal services, free of charge, for Utah’s most vulnerable citizens – people living in poverty, individuals with disabilities, veterans, seniors, minorities and victims of domestic violence.

Friends of the Earth – Friends of the Earth strives for a more healthy and just world.

These, and many charities like them, have good boots on the ground doing a good work; they just need our financial help. Please, join us! You can help get much-needed funds to worthy charities. Join Give-A-Dime today!

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