Dec 07

Live Life to Your Fullest

The world needs the best version of you.

But what is the “best version of you?” It is you at your most joyful and peaceful. It is you full of gratitude, thankful for life, family, and friends. Thankful for the past, from which many lessons have been learned and much knowledge and experience gained, the present, wherein we build dreams, and the future, where our hopes reside. If you are in this place, wonderful! Sow a bounty with us!

Sadly, this is not a common place. This place of gratitude, where peace and joy reign in our hearts and minds, seems to be ever more out of reach for many. It’s going to take more than kind words. We have to reach out. We have to act. We have to give.

Many are miserable, suffering in jobs or relationships, on the street or even in a penthouse. But there is always hope, because your destiny is to achieve that best version of you. And still, with Give-A-Dime, you can sow a little, reap a lot.

Where are you today?

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