Nov 25

Why You Should Give Your Dimes to Give-A-Dime

Here are the top four reasons why you should give a dime to Give-A-Dime:

  1. Easy. It’s easy to give to Give-A-Dime. In fact, it’s hands-off! Every month, our automated system just grabs a few dimes from your bank account. It’s safe and secure, guaranteed! And easy.
  2. Affordable. One dime a day: that’s only $3.50 per month. Anyone can afford that. Very affordable!
  3. Fun. Every month, we hold a contest for our donors. We investigate three different charities, then let our donors vote on who gets First Prize, Second Prize, and Third Prize. That’s fun!
  4. Confidence. We thoroughly investigate the charities we choose. Every one has met our strict guidelines and score a minimum of 7 out of 10 on our Worthy Charities scale. You can be sure that the money we give them will be well spent and will change lives for the better. Much confidence!


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