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Ask them! Each month, we will provide complete contact details for each charity in our selection, so you can call them or send them an email to verify that they received the funds you donated with us. In the future, we hope to do videos of our dime deliveries (okay, we'll actually deliver checks), as well as provide insights into the actual beneficiaries of the charities we funded that month. It's going to be very rewarding seeing how your dimes affect the world for good! (We will also be subject to an independent CPA audit of our financials annually, who will make those results known in a public forum. But the videos will be more fun!)
Absolutely! However, we can’t guarantee it will be featured. We will have to investigate it and see if we can fit it into our giving schedule. Regardless, we do appreciate your input and will do our best to make sure we include as many charities nominated by our donors as possible.
Yes! Give-A-Dime Inc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit registered in the state of Texas and with the IRS. You will receive an annual receipt shortly after the end of the tax year (December).
We give at least 90% of the donations to worthy charities. We expect ten percent of the proceeds will be enough to pay for web site hosting, credit card processing fees, and other business expenses. As we increase our membership, however, the percentage we give to charities should actually go up, because our fixed expenses will remain the same. You can always help by increasing the amount you can give on a monthly basis, as well as inviting your friends, family, and neighbors to join us today!
Yes! You can quit at anytime by logging in to your member dashboard and canceling the subscription. You can also pause your giving plan, or change the amount you want to give monthly. So, while it’s easy to quit, don’t be a quitter.
The short version is, “What little information we gather from you will never be shared with a third party. The only party we share information with are the credit card processing providers, and they have strict privacy policies to insure your information is never used for anything other than processing your donations.” Here’s the long version of our privacy policy, which goes into more detail, but does not contradict the short version.
This website is only accessible through an encrypted connection. Your payments are processed through Stripe. Thousands of small and large companies use Stripe to power commerce for their business. Stripe is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification. Your financial information is safe with us!
We all want to feel like the time and money we donate to charities is improving or saving lives. So our primary work is finding those charities and giving them our dimes. Each month, you will be presented with at least three charities. These charities have demonstrated efficiency and effectiveness in the utilization of their financial and human resources. You vote for the one that most appeals to you. For example, one month the options might be a charity that benefits humans, one that benefits animals, and one that benefits the environment. You will then vote for the one that most tugs at your heart. Then, when all our members have voted, we give the money away. The first place charity gets 50% of our dimes. The second place charity gets 30%, and third place gets the remaining 20%. Every charity wins! We will not feature charities whose sole purpose is religious evangelism or political activism. Our purpose at Give-A-Dime is all-inclusive and not strictly confined to one particular worldview, except this: a desire to bring peace and joy to the suffering and the less fortunate. See our Sample Charities blog post for examples of the worthy charities we want to help.
The Short Answer
Each month, we take a few dimes from a lot of people and give them to the worthy charities our donors select. Three new charities get our dimes each month.
The Slightly Longer Answer
We wanted to make giving easy, affordable, and fun. We make it affordable by asking for only one dime per day. That works out to about $3.50 per month. Anyone can afford that! We make it easy by setting up an automatic monthly giving plan from your credit or debit card. Then, every month, we take your donation, combine it with the donations from our other members, and give it to the charities our members have selected. You can quit at any time, and we’re always open to your suggestions to making giving even easier. We make it fun by getting you involved in helping select the charities who benefit from our collective giving and by spotlighting those charities with articles and videos. When you see your money doing good, it feels good, because it is good. Be sure to watch our “How It Works” video on the home page!

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