Dimes Are Better Than Donuts

I never really thought about it, but this article, For the love of God, stop donating canned goods to the food bank makes a good…
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Live Life to Your Fullest

The world needs the best version of you. But what is the “best version of you?” It is you at your most joyful and peaceful.…
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Why You Should Give Your Dimes to Give-A-Dime

Here are the top four reasons why you should give a dime to Give-A-Dime: Easy. It’s easy to give to Give-A-Dime. In fact, it’s hands-off!…
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New Web Host Provider

We switched our hosting provider over the past few days. You might’ve hit our page while we were transitioning. Well… we’re back! It was pretty…
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Charity Spotlight: Kindess!

This is where it all begins: a choice to be kind. Regardless of your reason, whether religious or spiritual, whether selfishly or selflessly motivated, kindness…
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We Can Do Anything Better Than Government

It is a known fact that the government is a wasteful behemoth and is not an efficient manager of charity. Some highlights from the article: For…
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Corporate Good

  Believe it or not, there are companies out there who engage in charitable activities. I’ve been meaning to write about this topic for a…
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Technology Keeps You On Your Toes

It’s amazing how much we depend on technology. We take it for granted that everything is going to work at peak efficiency all the time.…
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Keeping The Lights On

All nonprofits need the lights to stay on, the salaries to be paid, the fundraising events organized and executed, and the core work of the…
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Spare Change to Change the World

It’s easier to get a dollar from a million people than a million dollars from one person. Besides, we all want to help if we…
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