It Starts With a Desire

We look around this world and see the struggle.

Our friends, family, neighbors, our environment. There’s so much to do!

What can we do?

We all want to do something good. But with our busy lives, sometimes we get distracted. Sometimes, we simply don’t have the time.

But we can all give something.

At Give-A-Dime, we want to make it easy for you and anybody else to give something to do the good we all want to do.

It started with a desire to give. It turned into a desire to help give big. The only way we could give big was to make it easy for others to give with us. Give-A-Dime was born! Won’t you join us?!

Who We Are

Three brothers – Anthony, Christopher, and David

Who have a heart for helping. We share a desire to see the suffering around us eased or eliminated. Despite our diverse beliefs, we each agree that it doesn’t matter what your background or worldview is, we can all do something good.If you agree with us, join us!




We’ll update you about charity programs and news.