Changing the world, one dime at a time!

Yes, Your Change Can Make a Difference!

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With Give-A-Dime

Giving to worthy causes is quick and easy!


A dime a day. Anyone can afford that!
The best thing about spare change is you won’t miss it, and it really adds up.


We set you up on a monthly automatic debit from your bank or credit card. It is safe and secure.
Set it and forget it!


Each month, we find three worthy charities. You get to vote on who gets what! Everybody wins!

Why You Should Give-A-Dime?

Our Keynote:

No politics. No religion.

We help people and the environment.

We feed, protect, educate, and heal.

Watch the video to see how we do it!

It started with a desire to give

we can all do something good. If you agree with us, join us!

Why Give-A-Dime?

When you collaborate with others, you accomplish more! The same is true here.

How Does it Work?

Each month we’ll combine your kindhearted contribution with those of others to make a really big difference!

Start Giving

Let’s get started! Change the world with your change—Give-A-Dime today!

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We’ll update you about charity programs and news.