Jul 19

Keeping The Lights On

All nonprofits need the lights to stay on, the salaries to be paid, the fundraising events organized and executed, and the core work of the organization’s goal to be carried out. At Give-A-Dime, our strategy is to reduce overhead to a minimum so we can give maximally to those charitable organizations that touch our collective hearts. It requires computer hardware, site development and maintenance, web site hosting fees, and lots of time for research so that we benefit only those charities that are changing the world for the better.

In this regard, your mouth is as valuable to us as your money. We have dipped our toes into limited advertising. It costs money, and doesn’t seem all that effective. In keeping with our “minimum overhead for maximum good,” the cheapest method of advertising is word-of-mouth. That means you telling your friends and family and neighbors to get involved, like you’ve gotten involved. A dime a day is only $3.50 per month. Anyone can afford that! So tell them. Tell anyone!

And we’ll thank you in advance for helping keep the lights on while we change the world for good!

P.S. Remember, your contributions are tax deductible! You will receive a statement at the end of the fiscal year (December) that you can use on your federal income tax report.

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