Nov 25

How does Give-A-Dime work?

The Short Answer

Each month, we take a few dimes from a lot of people and give them to the worthy charities our donors select. Three new charities get our dimes each month.

The Slightly Longer Answer

We wanted to make giving easy, affordable, and fun.

We make it affordable by asking for only one dime per day. That works out to about $3.50 per month. Anyone can afford that!

We make it easy by setting up an automatic monthly giving plan from your credit or debit card. Then, every month, we take your donation, combine it with the donations from our other members, and give it to the charities our members have selected. You can quit at any time, and we’re always open to your suggestions to making giving even easier.

We make it fun by getting you involved in helping select the charities who benefit from our collective giving and by spotlighting those charities with articles and videos. When you see your money doing good, it feels good, because it is good.

Be sure to watch our “How It Works” video on the home page!

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