Jan 06

#3 – Make It Fun

Our mantra about giving at Give-A-Dime is, “Make it easy. Make it affordable. Make it fun.” Here’s how we accomplish the “Make it fun” bit.

Every month, we’ll post up three charities we’ve vetted for excellence in efficiency and effectiveness. You will choose the one that most touches your heart, stimulates your mind, or satisfies whatever criteria you personally use to determine the worthiness of a charitable organization. We’ll tally all the votes from you and your fellow charitable donators/voters and distribute the funds to each charity according to their rank. The cool thing is, each charity will get something! Nobody loses here.

Ultimately, what we’d love to do, is shoot video of each charity receiving their gift, then include some interviews and/or other material/media for you to enjoy. This is the fun part—watching your gifts being given away! Seeing the smiles. Hearing the stories. And knowing we all helped, even if just a little bit.

There is great power in our working together! So, if you’re not yet a member, please, join the fun today!

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