Jan 04

#1 – Make It Easy

Our mantra about giving at Give-A-Dime is, “Make it easy. Make it affordable. Make it fun.” Here’s how we accomplish the “Make it easy” bit.

I don’t know about you, but I’m a busy guy. I have obligations to business, family, friends, and other organizations. I love helping others. I love to give. Sadly, sometimes that busy-ness got in the way of my giving. I saw something another company was doing to make a task automatic and easy, and I thought, “Why can’t giving be like that?!” So I created Give-A-Dime.

Give-A-Dime makes giving easy by setting up a recurring payment plan. You no longer have to remember to give. It’s automatic. Distractions won’t distract you from giving to a worthy cause. Every month, we’ll remind a few days before hand of your upcoming gift, so you’re always aware. Then you vote on who we give it to! You can increase or decrease your gift at any time, or quit whenever you want.

If you have any ideas about how we can make giving even easier, let us know! We love hearing from our members.

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